Conservation Center

Cascade Coexistence Center’s vision is to develop a conservation research facility in Cascadia. A physical center will allow CCC to research, model, and educate about successful coexistence with native predator populations.


Located in the Pacific Northwest (Bioregion Cascadia) amongst viable apex predator populations, CCC models, researches, and promotes coexistence strategies on its lands and through its partners.

The physical center serves as a regional destination with its native predator zoo, coexistence research farm, and hospitality services, featuring local resources. 

CCC is a career training center for human & wildlife professionals, serving as a university consortium campus and field station with a focus on inclusive recruiting.

Operations and Development Phases

Wildland & Farm Habitat Stewardship (Phase I)

  • CCC manages its land resources to restore or enhance native ecology and biodiversity
  • Anthropocentric landscapes are maintained through management-intensive grazing and foraging with livestock and poultry
  • Coexistence strategies are modeled through practical fencing strategies, guard animals, and other non-lethal methods
  • Farm animal products supplement the center’s income and provide an ecologically sound food source for the center’s resident carnivores

Pacific Northwest Predator Zoo (Phase I)

Research & Education (Phase 2)

  • Accredited facility with species-specific exhibits that allow native Northwestern predators to voluntarily demonstrate natural behaviors and environmental interactions for visitors, highlighting a narrative built around their adaptations and ecological roles
    • Potential species include ethically-sourced native Northwestern predators with the potential for a high quality of life in human care. Candidates for placement include: cats, canines, bears, weasels, invertebrates, snakes, and raptors 
  • Primary coexistence themes are:
    • Terrestrial and aerial predator coexistence strategies
    • Non-lead ammunition & lead poisoning impact on wildlife
    • Rodenticide impact on wildlife
  • The zoo promotes the concept of Naturiotism™
  • CCC conducts research at the center and in the field to identify coexistence challenges and evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies
  • The wildland research farm & zoo trains university students and interns through academic classes and hands-on experiences in evidence-based animal care, training, and education. Accredited certificate programs provide professional development opportunities.
  • The center provides graduate student opportunities and supports research partnerships

Visitor Services (Phase 2)

  • The Apex Ales craft brewery and Coexistence Cafe make CCC a full-service destination for day trips and regional ecotours
    • Hops and other ingredients are locally sourced from Coexistence Certified farms when possible
  • Overnight opportunities allow guests to explore CCC and the surrounding Cascade range on a more flexible schedule

Coexistence Certification & Partnerships (Phase 3)

  • CCC and its partners provide support and certification for landowners, farmers, and businesses that practice coexistence strategies
  • CCC and its partners market Coexistence Certified™ farm and forest products through the Apex Ales™ craft brewery and Coexistence Cafe™and online platforms.
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