Lead Poisoning

Non-lead Hunting

Unintentional lead poisoning from contaminated carcasses kills dozens of Bald Eagles annually.
“Bald Eagle” flickr photo by Erick Houli

Lead poisoning continues to be a major conservation concern for avian scavengers, such as Bald and Golden Eagles, as well as Black and Turkey Vultures. It is the primary limiting factor in the recovery of the California Condor, North America’s largest vulture.

The good news is that gun owners can choose non-lead ammunition to prevent unintentional poisoning of wildlife while preserving our hunting and shooting traditions.

  1. Choose non-lead ammunition
  2. Bury or pack out gut piles if using lead, including varmint hunting
  3. Use lead-free ammunition when putting down farm or ranch animals

North American Non-Lead Partnership

Hunting with Non-Lead

Non-Lead Hunting Education Program

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